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Aquarium-Gardening.com is the home of quality tropical live aquariums. We offer many rare and beautiful tropical live aquarium plants from all over the world. Our quality specialist plants are available individually, on driftwood and as complete live aquarium collections.

We supply detailed information regarding each of our quality specialist plants however, If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

 Live tropical Aquarium Plant Collections

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In addition to our huge choice of quality Individual live tropical aquarium plants, we are proud to offer a selection of live plant collections. The collections, many of which have won awards, are complete planting solutions for your live aquariums.

The collections have been carefully selected to provide stunning displays for all common tank sizes and marked by difficulty, in order to make your selection as straightforward and ultimately rewarding as possible.

Individual Live Tropical Aquarium Plants

We have tried to make choosing the right quality of live aquarium plants easier by grouping them into their best suited position with three ease of keeping categorie.


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Live Aquarium Plants on Driftwood

We also offer a good selection of high quality live tropical aquarium plants and mosses grown on driftwood. Each one is unique and will create a great feature in your aquariums.

tropical fish tank plant driftwood tropical fish tank plant driftwood tropical fish tank plant tropical fish tank plant tropical fish tank plant
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Mother Plants

These are superb large aquarium plants which make a wonderful centerpiece when creating your tropical Aquarium Landscape. They are much larger than regular specimens, and are not suitable for tanks of less than 120 Litres. Space should always be allowed around the plant, to allow it to spread and show off it's attractions. We carry many in stock, but others are obtained from our growers in a week to special order, so please be patient if we need to order an item.

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Mixed Tropical Aquarium Plants (Boxed)

These boxes are ideal if you are unsure of the type and quantity  needed for your aquarium.We have put together a selection of live tropical potted plants for tank sizes from 35L upwards.The box will contain a mixture of foreground, middleground and background plants, where you place them within these positions is left up to you,allowing you to design your own aquarium garden scene.

mixed tropical aquarium plants for fish tank

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Our Range of Tropical Aquarium Accessories

We stock a wide range of top quality aquatic accessories. These accessories cover all aspects of tropical aquarium setup and care, we stock mainly Hydor products as is our opinion and years of selling have found them to be very reliabal, some products being our own brand specialist equipment.

Aquarium Plant Fertilizers

These unique fertilizers are only available from us, they were developed by Dr J Prescott a leading marine biologist in the field of aquatic plants, he developed the products after he could not find any ideal fertilizers for the aquarium hobby market. On visiting major world famous plant vendors and growers, such as Tropica, Oriental in Singapore and Amano in Japan, and based on what these leading growers did and did not do, Dr Prescott found that some of the products they used were excellent,while others not so, he felt he could make them better and produced the four excellent products we now exclusively sell.

FLORA APM: Made from entirely natural materials, which control naturally most algaes in the aquarium.

FORMULA F: Is a product containing iron,in an assimable form. All plants in the world need iron even oak trees.

FORMULA K: Is Potassium. This is the most utilized of all elements for aquarium plants.

FORMULA T: Is a complex of some 50 plus rare elements, using this once a week will ensure all plant species recieve the elements they require.